Coronavirus Covid19 Information and help

Please find attached a copy of the information letter that was delivered to all households in Clyro on Monday by councillors and the Clyro Community Support Group.

Advice from Government and health authorities is clear – in order to protect  our NHS and save lives we should all be remaining at home unless our journey is absolutely necessary and then we must all maintain a social distance of 2 meters.

If anyone in your household is showing symptoms of the virus (see the information leaflet) then all members of the household should isolate for 2 weeks.

Please look out for your neighbours and each other to help with shopping or collecting prescriptions and there are numbers on the information sheet to call if you need help – please use them rather than putting yourself or others at risk.

None of us needs to feel alone in this situation.

Stay safe, think of others and we will come through this together.

Kind Regards


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